What's The Best Frozen Dessert Maker?


Frozen Dessert Maker

Are you on the market for a frozen dessert maker? What are the features that are important to you in a frozen dessert maker and how many different types of desserts should one machine be able to make? We will look at a variety of frozen dessert makers and what they can and can't do. The decision on which one is the best will be left up to you the reader to decide. So what is important in a frozen dessert maker? Does it make ice cream? Frozen yogurt? Frozen custard? Let's take a look at several top sellers and what they can do.

1. Cuisinart Frozen Dessert Maker: This versatile frozen dessert maker from Cuisinart can handle ice cream, yogurt, frozen drinks and sorbet. It is also quick with the ability to make as much as one and a half quarts in twenty minutes. Nothing could be easier than this frozen dessert maker when you throw in the ingredients and turn it on, you're done! There is a double insulated freezer bowl and a wide opening for ingredients and an easy lock lid. The cost is anywhere from $55.00 to $110.00

2. Nostalgia Electrics ICMW-400 4-Quart Wooden Bucket Electric Ice Cream Maker: This frozen dessert maker has a four quart capacity, a wooden bucket with a plaster paddle and an electric motor. This one is easy to assemble, to use and to clean up afterwards. The ice cream is frozen in about 25 minutes. The drawback is this frozen desert maker only makes ice cream. The cost on this item is about $50.00.

3. Whynter IC-2L Stainless Steel WHYNTER Ice Cream Maker - 2 quarts: This is a terrific top of the line frozen dessert maker will produce ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbets, sherbet, gelato and more in less than an hour, some in 20 minutes. The price tag gives away the professional nature of this frozen dessert maker which at $250.00 might just be a bargain. With a built in freezer compressor there is no pre-freezing of the mixing bowl and comes with an electric timer and ice cream scoop. The bowl come off and is easy to clean.

4. Lussino Dessert Maker 4080 1.5 Quart: If you really want top of the line, this $800.00 frozen dessert maker is top of the line. This fully automatic machine will make ice cream, gelato, frozen drinks, sorbet and frozen yogurt in about a half hour. Put the ingredients in the bowl, set the timer, press two buttons and wait for your one and a half quarts of frozen desserts. This frozen dessert maker can also make one batch right after another because the bowl does not need to be pre-frozen.

So there you have four great frozen dessert makers with a variety of features and a wide variety of costs. You can spend $50 for an ice cream maker or $800 for the top of the line frozen dessert maker. The choice is yours. Buy the frozen dessert maker that fits in your budget.

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